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Tea & spring water

THÉMAÉ, the Japanese name for the tea preparation ceremony, symbolises a world of sensations, beauty and pleasure that comes to life in a unique place in Paris and at the heart of a radically different range of treatments.

Inspired by the art of tea, nourished by near and distant cultures, the THÉMAÉ range glorifies this plant in a thousand different ways with treatments imbued with subtle perfumes and sumptuous textures. 

The tea plant has over 30% of polyphenols (one of the highest levels of antioxidant concentration known) and contains antioxidants 200 times more potent than Vitamin E. The effects of the antioxidants in 2 cups of teas is the equivalent of 7 glasses of orange juiceThus tea actively contributes to slowing the skin’s signs of aging by neutralising the free radicals that breaks down collagen and elastin.

THÉMAÉ celebrates the tea benefits and brings them into the heart of each formula in the precious Complexe des 4 Thés® (4 Teas Elixir) which blends the regenerating white tea, the stimulating black tea, the soothing red tea, and the antioxidant green tea. Each treatment enhances one of these teas and combines it with a well-balanced spring water to keep its ultimate purity.

 Tea’s intrinsic qualities benefit the body as well as the soul.

In the image of the tea that captures a moment of relaxation and actively protects the health of those who drink it, THÉMAÉ offers treatments with an original two-pronged approach to combine truly effective treatments with complete well-being