Share our passion for tea


Tea is a source of inspiration that stimulates delicate, refined beauty. THÉMAÉ is both a unique place and a range of treatments that represents the result of this quest for perfection. The THÉMAÉ name signifies the Japanese tea ceremony and reveals a wealth of sensations and pleasure, of mysteries and revelations, hedonism and a window on the world…

Our Mission : To help you live, day after day, our unique THÉMAÉ experience. Aimed at your wellbeing, we use our treatment rituals that are a blend of different cultures and traditions inherited from our ancestors, to achieve it.
Our THÉMAÉ cosmetic preparations are an exclusive blend of spring water and tea that celebrate the active properties of four different varieties of tea (white tea, black tea, red tea and green tea).

Our values :

Service : Our THÉMAÉ team will surround you with their knowledge and lavish on you, all the benefits of our treatments.

Respect : Respect for the individual and their personal space is our priority.

Innovation : We care about your satisfaction and we will strive to recommend our most innovative THÉMAÉ treatments and products.

Results : Our THÉMAÉ treatments are based on stringent criteria to get quality results and to bring you a wellbeing that is luxurious and long lasting.