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 Delivers a smooth texture, toned and refined skin

Gommage « Thé au Népal » - Creamy body exfoliant

SIZE - 200ml
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The sumptuous and rich texture of this exfoliant treatment evokes an Himalayan tea, aromatic, powerful and drenched with shea butter. Like this tea it is generous and soft to eliminate the skin’s dead cells without damaging the epidermis. Its texture, bursting with apricot and macadamia oils, nourishing shea butter does not dry out the skin, while the bamboo powder restore the complexion’s radiance leaving an incredible softness. The Complexe des 4 Thés® (4 Teas Elixir) uplifts the body ; the extract of red tea brings even greater softness. The delicate perfume and the unusual sensation this treatment gives the skin, transforms exfoliation into a moment of the most sublime relaxation. The satin-smooth skin is beautiful, its texture refined and its radiance indisputable.
Apply to damp skin. Massage this product thoroughly and it will become slightly milky. Rinse with clean water.