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American Spa - April 2017

What’s in your Beauty Bag ?

THÉMAÉ Shimmering Dry Oil

Best Hotels - December 2016

So Sofitel Mauritius

Outdoor swimming pool So SPA 6 treatment rooms including 2 for couples 2 hammam relaxation area with hot and cold pool massages innovative products of the organic brand Themae.

ANTI-ÂGE MAGAZINE - Octobre 2016

Medical spas & thermal baths

Rebalance your body and recharge your batteries to prepare for the onset of winter ! Having opened in early 2015, La Badira is the most luxurious hotel in Hammamet. Perched Majestically on a rocky overhang that projets into the sea, this establishment will immerse you in the world of 1930s travel. Boosting an enchanting Spa ’by Themae Paris" with Arabian Nights influenced oriental decor

American Spa - October 2016

Body of evidence

Thémaé Paris Silky Body Moisturizing Cream :
Increase elasticity and hydrate skin with this silky treatment made with borage and macadamia oils and are generating white tea.

Emotion Spa - Autumn 2016

Meet... Guillaume LEFÈVRE, Founder and Chairman of THÉMAÉ

Guillaume Lefevre launched the skincare brand thémaé in france nearly 10 years ago. the brand’s approaching anniversary offered the perfect opportunity to revisit the brand whose name embodies the ancient art form of japanese tea ceremonies.

American Spa - September 2016

What’s New at american

“I think the intent of cosmetic products and treatments is to enhance your natural beauty. Beauty is a combination of your inner self and skincare, which is reflected in the mirror. You can’t be beautiful unless you experience the wellness first ; wellness and happiness are essential to reflect beauty.”

Guillaume Lefevre, founder and president, Thémaé Paris

American Spa - AUGUST 2016

White tea comforts skin

The gentle Express Eye and Facial Cleanser with 4 Teas Elixir thoroughly removes makeup, impurities, and excess sebum with micellar water and a complex of black, green, red, and white teas.

American Spa - June 2016

Discover the Ultimate THÉMAÉ Spa experience

Inspired by the Art of Tea

American Spa - MAY 2016

Beauty and the East

Japanese and South Korean skincare innovations are driving product development in America and quickly becoming mainstream.[...]

Thémaé Paris, which creates tea and spring-water-based products, takes its name from the Japanese word for the tea preparation ceremony - a paramount ritual in the culture. Accordin to sales director for the Americas Jeannie Frazier, following trends is very important part of product development."Asia is rich in culture, rituals, and wellbeing." says Frazier.


Four seasons Moscow spa is "oasis of calm" in the city

Four Seasons has opened a 3,000sq m (28,000sq ft) Amnis Spa at its city centre hotel in Moscow. [...]

The Amnis Spa is also using French spa brand Themae’s star range, which contains the Four Teas Elixir, to reflect Russia’s deeply rooted tea traditions.

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